Infrared Division

RF ELECTRIC present the new line of infrared heaters and lamps, born to be used in difficult condition.

  • AISI structures
  • AISI heating elements for high temperature
  • Electric Box IP68

make these infrared heaters suitable for building sites, livestock farms and zootechnics, construction, shipyards and heavy industries.

The range offer different size and powers for the fixed and portable versions.

What are infrared

All bodies emit energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. These radiations, which move at the speed of light (300,000 Km / sec.), Have the particularity of heating any object on which they break.

However, these thermal properties are more sensitive to infrared radiation, which is therefore called thermal radiation.

As with radio waves, infrared is invisible to the human eye and can be divided into short, medium and long wave rays.

This division is a function of temperature: an object at low temperature emits long wave rays, the same body at higher temperature emits short wave rays.

The transmission of energy in the two cases is, as can be understood, very different, a short beam has an intensity greater than a long one and a long beam has a lower intensity than the short one; but the big difference is evident with regard to the ability to reflect.

It is proven that the ability of an object to reflect light depends very much on its color (a dark color absorbs more light / heat than a light color). But while the application of long-wave infrared radiation makes it impossible to make this difference sensitive, short-wave infrared rays have, between two colors (black and white), refractive and reflection differences that reach up to 35%.

Medium-wave rays are the ones that best manage to mediate between the intensity of energy transmitted (linked to exposure time), and reflection (linked to the distance of use and the type of material radiated).



  • Medium wave heating up to 3 รท 4 meters
  • Immediate, directed and concentrated heat
  • The heat does not disperse into the air
  • Metallic radiant element in high temperature alloy
  • Long life – 10,000 hours minimum
  • Simplicity of installation, use and maintenance


  • Totally resistant to water and dust – IP 65
  • Totally shockproof – metallic heating element
  • Insensitive to corrosion in humid or aggressive environments – integral INOX
  • Resistant to machine and plant vibrations


  • Construction, industrial and naval shipbuilding
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants (non-ATEX areas)
  • Preheating of machinery, motors and electric pumps
  • Freezing of walking areas
  • Civil protection Infrared lamp livestock farms stables
  • Car wash thawing
  • Animal husbandry – Milking parlors
  • Craft and industrial activities
  • Drying of materials, paints and plasters
  • Sheds and warehouses
  • Airport activities
  • Ramps and connecting roads
  • Gyms and sports halls
  • Fishmongers and butchers
  • Workshops


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