The electronic controlled heaters are normally assembled on circular or rectangular duct, and they are completed with security protection to have a regular function.

The electronic control function is using the technology of “impulse train supply”, this system permit to supply tension at electric heaters only for a short period necessary to maintain the exit temperature at the specificated value.

The exit temperature is determinate by a potentiometer put in an external accessible position, the temperature control is making by a temperature sensor put at the exit of air flow.

There are also a complete series of electronic control drived by an external signal 0-10V, are availables monophase control from 1 to 8KW 230V and three phases control from 3 to 80KW 400V-3.

The series thermal protector grant the standard level of security, if is necessary a higher security level, it’s possible assembled on the duct a pressostat that take under control the air flow.

It’s possible using a room thermostat to drive the electronic device.

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