<h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span>

Spiral wire

The spiral wire patents it is a technology that, starting from two couples wire (spiral or interlaced) concurs to obtain a better dissipation of the heat.

This is translated in a remarkable improvement of the rendering of the electrical resistances made with this technology.

The dimension of the heaters could be reduced of 50% of the same resistances made with traditional single wire technology

The advantages:

Greater efficiency and effectiveness of the systems

Our heaters made with these technologies, grant a very good function and rendering at the machine where they are assembled.

Reduction of dimension

Double wire technologies permits, at same technical characteristics, to reduce the heaters dimension until the 50% in front of the same heaters made with single wire.

Lower heat localized on the wires

The light load on the heaters wire surface, obtained with the double wire technologies, permit a very low working temperature in front of a single wire technologies.

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