<h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span>

Sole shape

The Sole shape is the better solution for the realization of the heating resistances to use in the systems for the treatment of the air.

In effects the compact and flattened shape finds its natural positioning in the narrow spaces of such systems.


Greater cover of the zone of passage of the air

Thanks to the shape increased and lengthened the sole heaters allow a complete cover of the zone of passage of the air, the special micanite supports in allow an effective support of the thread.

Smaller noisiness

The eggs shape of the resistances and the precision of the implantation in the micanite supports grant the absence of vibrations also in presence of elevated speed of the air.

Air Flow without frictions

The aerodynamic shape of these windings favours the passage of the air without having sensitive losses of air flow.

Dimensions reduced with the same caloric contribution

To power parity the dimensions of the resistances produced with these modules are reduced considerably.


The micanite supports, calculated in thin thickness, have per result a lightness difficultly to obtain with spiral resistances constructed with steatite supports.

Almost nonexistent thermal Inertia

The knot wire construction and the double wire technology allow to obtain an almost immediate heating and cooling, reducing considerably the characteristics thermal inertia of other typology of electrical resistances. 

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