Heaters life

A direct consequence of the low surface loading on the wire of our electrical heaters, is that they work to “dark heat”; thanks to the double wire technologies and a correct dimensioning, our resistances work without that the wire became read because of the excessive heat.

On our heaters are always assembled safety bimetallic thermal protector, that they switch off the supply tension from the heaters, because external accidental factors to modify the conditions of job for which they have been calculated, the typical case of malfunctioning could be a reduced air flow on the heaters caused by:

  • breakdown to the fan;
  • filters too much soil.

Normally the life of the electrical resistances is tied to the operating temperature of the wire with which they are made, greater it is the temperature of job of the wire and faster it is the decay of the characteristics of the same wire.

On the following table, the values of the surface loading will be able to be verified according to the speed of the air regarding the temperatures on the wire:

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