<h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span> <h1>Electric heaters</h1>
                <span>Electric heaters</span>

Electric heaters

RF ELECTRIC Srl was born in 2005 with the acquisition of the branch of company BREVETTI RF Srl, company founded to the end of years fifty with the scope to produce and to commercialize resistances and insulating electrical materials.

In the course of the years BREVETTI RF Srl has been supplied the main European companies that operate in the field of the industrial ventilation and conditioning.

The continuous technological search and the ability to supply services, always aimed to the demands of the customer, put the Society in respect position inside the specific field in which work.

The acquired patrimony from RF ELECTRIC Srl is composed of:
  • patents
  • machines
  • equipments
  • technical documentation
  • all the production of Brevetti RF Srl, the workers, the employees of the corporate structure and the production plant.
RF ELECTRIC Srl will be taken care from hour in then of:
  • planning,
  • production,
  • commercialization of the products,

Always having like objective the satisfaction of the Customer and the search of products always innovated.

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